Celebrating 12 Months of Hiking


Today was my last hike of 2016 and of course I enjoyed it.  I couldn’t take a picture though as my iPhone would not turn on (it was completely charged).

I was reading earlier about the concept of forest bathing and I believe it applies also to hiking.  I always feel that there’s a parade of trees welcoming me on the hike.  A lot of it is mind over matter, as they say too.  When I feel weary or tired, I say things to myself like “K is for Kan-do” as I am from Kansas.

I haven’t done this for fitness but more for peace of mind.  It is always something I look forward to on the weekends.  I still go to the same place, Burke Lake Park,  because it is free to Fairfax County residents.  I thought about going to other locations but they are further out and they charge.

Earlier in the year I tried hiking boots but they weren’t as comfortable as the Vionic sneakers I wear.  I used a pouch/pack during summer months but in the Fall and now Winder I still use my old LL Bean jacket to store gloves, water, and tissues.

I received some nice Under Armour gloves that I used for the first time on today’s hike; a family member also gave me a nice water bottle to use while hiking.

I was thinking too today that I never see any sad hikers; everyone is in a good mood when they are out and about.

I am also glad I never let the weather stop me; it was 26 degrees when I started the hike (cold) but it still felt great.  I hiked in the heat and humidity of summer, and I decided I like hiking in the winter best.

Here’s to many more hikes in 2017 – Happy New Year



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