Month 6 of Hiking

I can’t believe it’s the 6th month I have been hiking.  This morning I was reflecting on this.


I’ve decided that while the summer photos are picturesque, the humidity here almost makes it unbearable.  I hike early in the morning, and the humidity is sky-high.  The temperatures here are in the 70’s.

It’s a good opportunity for “mobile meditation”.   I tried a few times to listen to the iPod but then I can’t hear the birds, or other oncoming traffic behind me.

If you think that hiking isn’t for you, think again.  I am amazed to see all types of people on the trail, many older than I am (and they are faster too).  It is “mind over matter”.

I decided this morning that I prefer the winter hiking.  The weather is predictable ( you know it is going to be cold) whereas spring weather could hold anything.  At one point during a hike in the spring I experienced nice weather; then in mile 4-5 it started hailing and then snow.  You can’t prepare for it.


I haven’t invested in any hiking gear; I am wondering if I should.  There is an older gentleman on the trail who has passed me twice in the same hike – should I be going faster?  So far I haven’t tracked my steps digitally – I don’t want to obsess about it.

So many times I have doubted if I could finish; at these moments, I say to myself “K” is for “Kan-do” – I am originally from Kansas.  Somehow since I have moved back east, saying this to

See you out on the trail.


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