Going in the reverse direction – hiking

So last night my team lost in the Elite Eight. So, along the lines of Seinfeld’s George Costanza, I decided to do the opposite today with my hike.

I did the hike in reverse direction of the way I normally go.  And I got to see parts of the lake I didn’t before:


I saw this nice view of the lake I hadn’t noticed before.


I noticed that even though it is Spring, the trees still do not have leaves.


This is yet another view of the lake.  It was a peaceful, calming and very enjoyable.

Looking back I am very surprised that I have kept up hiking so far in 2016.  I am happy with my stamina, endurance, and that I am no longer sore after a 4.7 mile hike.  Overall it has been a great experience for me.   If you have the chance to start hiking, I encourage it.

I don’t have one of those fitbit monitors to see how many steps I am doing – it is more a competition with myself.  I hope I can continue doing this.  Maybe George Costanza is right, doing the opposite works.


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