Weekend 2 Hiking: Don’t Let the Puddles Stop You

So last week I started hiking at a local park; could I continue it this week?  Certainly I was sore last week – wrong shoes, and not as in shape as I would have liked.


I went back yesterday for a 4.7 hike.


The above is how it looked at the start of the walk.  Overcast, but still really warm for January here.


Since I was more familiar with the trail I could look to the sides and not just on the trail.  Some things struck me:

  • No trash on this trail – this is good
  • Politeness of everyone, saying hello or good morning


The trail goes around Burke Lake, and the above is a view of the lake.  It is very peaceful.


There is a dam on one side of the lake (towards the end of the trail) – yesterday was a little foggy, as you can see from the above.


Above is the finish line.  Success!  It almost feels like early Fall with the leaves out.

I almost didn’t go hiking today as we had heavy rain last night.  But could I let the puddles stop me?


The answer is no…and you can see from the above the winds causing ripples on the lake.


The weather forecast indicates it will be colder this upcoming weekend so we’ll see if I can continue.  Overall it is a refreshing experience.


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