Starting the New Year with a Hike

I follow which is a web site dedicated to DC TV and radio.  On the side, the author also hikes in Fairfax County.


So yesterday I Googled hiking in Fairfax County and back came this link:

I went to the Burke Lake Park website and printed the map. Here is the trail:



The trail is 4.7 miles.  I was confident I could do this as I try to walk outside everyday, but not 4.7 miles.

Almost part way through the walk yesterday, I bring out the map, and see mile marker 2.  For sure I’d gone further than that?  It turns out no.  But I made the 4.7 miles.  Some interesting observations:

  1. I was the only person who used a printed map
  2. I need better shoes for this.  I’m wearing Vionics sneakers, recommended by Dr. Weil
  3. I slept very well last night

I did the hike this morning too with some pictures below:


Towards the end of the hike, I kept wondering, “can I finish, can I finish” and I kept saying to myself “Kan-do” – something I learned growing up in Kansas, “K” is for “Kan-do”

The weather turns chillier tomorrow, the park is only open during sun hours.  That means I can’t walk during the week if I decide to the continue this.  But I feel refreshed, and glad I could do this.


Happy New Year


2 thoughts on “Starting the New Year with a Hike”

  1. Hi Tammy,

    excellent way to spend a bit of free time around this time of year. i’m very fond of hiking i’ve done in my teenage years. i wish i could do it in Kansas some day,

    Happy 2016 to you and your closest!



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